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Hope Ya LIke The Layout

Well I'm the first member to join becuz well ya I have cheated in a relationship. And I was taking drugs at the time. I was leading him on. But it felt right for sum reason. I have no clue why. But one night while I was with him he kissed my neck I looked at him and he kissed me. Not a great kiss just like a peck on the lips.

A rip off huh. I know is that gay or what. Why yes yes yes it is gay. Just a peck. But ya I learned my lesson. Ne ways there is this guy I'm digging at skool he is my good friend and I hope that I will be able to date him

Well I made this layout and I hope you enjoy it by ya'll
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What a rip!!
I know I should kick badd chadd's ass. I should I really should